Market Helper to Solve the Message of "Your device isn't compatible with this version"

When you find message of “your device isn't compatible with this version", you will not be able to download the app. However, there is trick to solve the issue.

There are many great apps, but it will be problem when you get notification of “your device isn't compatible with this version. This message will appear in the app that you are going to download. When it appears, you cannot find the button to download the app.

This message is quite clear. It states your device is not compatible with the requirements needed by the app. It is normal to happen since some apps have minimum requirements or specs to run the app. It is to make sure that later, the apps can run well and you get the best experiences. Fortunately, you can always get some possible tricks.

Your device isn't compatible with this version

Use Market Helper to Solve the Problem

When it is related to device’s specification, it is hard to solve the problem. Compatibility cannot be easily changed unless you modify the app. It is hard to modify and sometimes you have to get the root access.

However, it is always possible to find tricks. In fact, there are other users who face the same notification of “your device isn't compatible with this version”, so there is way to solve it. The solution is the application named Market Helper.
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Market Helper is the app dedicated and designed to solve this problem. The app can change the information about your device. It gives you chance to solve the issue and notification regarding the device’s compatibility. However, it does not mean you will successfully download the apps by using this. However, it is still worth to try.

1. Download and launch the app

Firstly, of course you need to download the app. It can be downloaded easily from its official source. Even if there are alternative sites, it is better to obtain it from the official source.
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Once you download the app, you can install it. This will take time and you only need to wait for it. After it is installed, launch the app and see what you have in its interface. It has easy and simple interface, so you will get no problem.

2. Choose the compatible device

The app can give you the solution in case your device isn’t compatible. You can change the information about your device to meet the minimum requirement or compatibility issue of the app. You can check the app’s requirement to get the information.
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There are some aspects you can change by using Market Helper. First, you can change the device type. It means you are able to choose the type, such as tablet or smartphone. The second information is about the device model. When it is about model, it specifically refers to the series of device.

The third option is location. Some countries limit the use of certain apps. In this case, sometimes VPN cannot fully help you, so you can use Market Helper to change the location information of the device. By changing these indicators, it is possible to solve the issue of “your device isn't compatible with this version”.

3. Activating the change

Normally, when you open the app for the first time, it will choose based on the default information in your device. You only need to change it by finding the suitable changes in menu. Once you have done changing the information, choose “Activate” and wait for the results.
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4. Get notification

After that, you will get notification of “Activated Successfully”. In this case, you can check the changes in Device Manager. When it is successful, the information of your device will be changed based on your choice and configuration.

Normally, the app works well to deal with the issue of compatibility. However, when the changes are done successfully but you still find message of “your device isn't compatible with this version”, it means there are other problems, such as the screen resolution, ratio, and other details. These cannot be changed by using Market Helper. That's why it does not fully guarantee you can solve the whole issue of compatibility.

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