Three Ways to Fix the Problem Where Your SIM Card is Not Activated

Xiaomi users might run into a message with line of “Your SIM Card is Not Activated”. It doesn’t have to be frustrating as there are simple ways to fix that problem.

Android based devices, especially Xiaomi phones, often encounter the message “Your SIM card is not activated” when the SIM cards are fail to be activated. The Xiaomi manufacturers stated SIM card activation via Mi Account will increase the security of smartphones. However, there is a common mistake that’s often accidentally made by users: they do not insert their phone numbers correctly, or they do not insert it all when registering Mi Accounts by emails.

Whether “Your SIM card is not activated” in your Xiaomi device is caused by the mistaken identification of phone number, the system failure when it runs under custom ROM, or from the bugs in installed software, this error can always possibly happen. There are several quick and easy solutions to tackle this error.

Your SIM Card is Not Activated

How Can You Solve the Error Message of “Your SIM Card Is Not Activated”?

To fix the “Your SIM card is not activated” problem on smartphone is quite easy, even though finding and determining the cause of this is difficult. There are three solutions that are guaranteed to be safe for your Android phone. Try the solution one by one until you found one that is work.

Solution 1. Try to activate your SIM card on the official site of Xiaomi

If the cause of your “Your SIM card is not activated” error is about Mi Account registering mistake, then this solution should work effectively for you. Here the steps to activate your SIM card via Xiaomi website:
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  • Open your browser up and visit the Xiaomi official site at
  • Log on into your Mi Account by clicking the “Log In”.
  • Type in your account and password. Click enter.
  • On your account homepage, open “Security” menu. And then enter your phone number. Check the phone number twice to make sure that you have typed in correctly.
  • Click on the “Change” menu.
  • Wait few minutes, until there is a message notification from Xiaomi. It is containing unique code that you have to enter into their website.
  • Submit the code, and you’re done. Wait for your SIM card to be activated. If there is no “Your SIM card is not activated” message appear then it means you have succeeded.
Solution 2. Try to manually enter your phone number

This solution may work better for you if what’s causing “Your SIM card is not activated” to show up is the error in identification number. Here’s how to fix it.
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  • When the failure message appeared, tap on it.
  • If it brings you nowhere, keep repeating to tap the message for few times until the input for your phone number appears.
  • Type in the number and submit it.
  • If you are succeeded, you will receive a short message shortly.
Solution 3. Try to activate by contacting your mobile service provider

“Your SIM card is not activated” error is possible to happen when your cellular service provider is blocking message from system sent from overseas, thus resulting in activation failure. Contact your provider and explain your situation thoroughly. The operator will guide you on further steps that you need to do.

If none of the solution for “Your SIM card is not activated” issue above work out, then try to check whether your firmware needed to be updated. The old Android version sometimes carries system bugs that fixed in newer updated system.

After you perform each method to get rid of “Your SIM card is not activated” problem, do not forget to restart your device. Besides giving chance for the Android system to refresh, restarting your phone can prevent crashes and make it run more smoothly.

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