How to fix “Your transaction cannot be completed” in Google Play Store

Having payment issue will lead to the error of “Your transaction cannot be completed”. Some methods will help to fix this problem properly.

Some Android users may have an experience related to error “your transaction cannot be completed”. This issue appears due to several factors. Mostly, Android and payment system cannot integrate properly. When this happens, you cannot purchase or pay anything.

Google Play Store provides many apps. Some of them are free, and users can download without paying anything. Several apps are in-app purchase mode that needs payment when users want to obtain more features. Premium offer is often available at certain apps.

Besides, users utilize payment system for gaming and content. As you know, Google Play has services, such as game, books, music, movies, etc. Most premium contents are not free. Unfortunately, “your transaction cannot be completed” error can make the payment failed.

Your transaction cannot be completed

In general, Google and Android forums are the right places for solution. You can ask expert and experienced users regarding “your transaction cannot be completed” error. They will share their method and try to overcome your situation. Some methods are easy, and the rest takes effort.

Before exploring how to fix “your transaction cannot be completed”, you must know why this issue happens. Mostly, credit card or prepaid card you use cannot proceed the payment. Google does not recognize the card and device. Another factor is the bank account that does not match. The account should be in your name, but the bank finds user has different name.

To overcome this issue, make sure you select admissible payment method. Well, Google offers several methods in their payment list. You can choose the one that's available in your country. The list below is not accepted by Google Play.
  • Wire transfers
  • Credit card
  • Western union
  • Transit card
  • Money Gram
  • Other escrow services
  • Health Saving Account
When you face the problem of “your transaction cannot be completed”, you may use one of the payment methods listed above.
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However, if you already use the admissible payment but the error “your transaction cannot be completed” still appears, there are some methods to fix the problem. Here they are.

1. Change the method of payment

  • Go to Google Play Store
  • Tap Account and click "Payment setting"
  • If you need, you can access
  • Tap delete to remove the payment option
  • Submit the new one by tapping "Yes"

2. Delete Your Google account

As it mentioned above, one of reason why “Your transaction cannot be completed” error occurs is different name between in card and Android smartphone. In that case, you need to get rid of existing account, and add the new one.
  • Go to Setting and tap Account manager
  • Click "Google" then tap the existing account and remove it by clicking the icon in top right corner
  • Tap "Delete Account"

3. Adding the New Account

  • After deleting your old account, you should add the new one. Follow the steps below.
  • Go to "Setting"
  • Click "Google" on "Account" tab then click "add account"
  • Just follow the instructions to make a new Google account.

4. Payment Method

Adding new account is not enough to fix the error of transaction cannot be completed. After the account is ready, you should choose payment method. Follow the below steps for further instructions.
  • Go to "Google Play Store"
  • Tap "Menu", choose "Account", and add Payment Method
  • Complete all instructions
  • This new payment method is ready and will be in your account.
From methods above, “your transaction cannot be completed” will not appear again at least in mean time. Keep in mind the payment is strict and sensitive service. One small issue like the name can lead to utmost problem. As the result, you cannot purchase or pay anything via Android smartphone.

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