Tips to Block Numbers in iPhone Devices

It is always important to know how to block numbers in iPhone. Figure out the method right here and prevent those unwanted numbers from calling you.

Everyone deserves to know the methods to block numbers in iPhone. Blocking numbers is important act to do when you are getting annoyed and bothered by particular numbers. Probably those numbers are constantly pranking you or terrorizing you all the time. By blocking them, you do not have to deal with them anymore and can live peacefully. How to do that? Find out the answer down below.

Block Numbers in iPhone

Why Blocking Numbers is Necessary?

Before getting to the method to block numbers in iPhone, let’s find out first why blocking numbers are quite essential and necessary. Basically, blocking something out of our live is done to establish more peaceful state of mind, especially when you become quite stressful because of those numbers trying to bother you all the time. Read the explanations here:

1. Protecting Privacy

Everybody should know how to block numbers in iPhone because it is one of the biggest steps to protect your privacy. When unknown numbers call you to prank you or bother you, surely they have tried to violate your privacy and not letting you get some peace. Stop them from doing that by blocking their number right away.

2. Avoid Unwanted Events

There are several numbers that can endanger your privacy and data as well. They are probably calling you to set you up or to trick you into buying stuff, such as telemarketing or something like that. That is why you need to know how to block numbers in iPhone to prevent unwanted events like that to happen.

3. Setting Boundaries from Annoying People

Someone can be very irritating and annoying by calling you all the time, even when you do not know them at all. The method on how to block numbers in iPhone should be understood by everyone to block these kinds of people and set boundaries from them.

How to Block Numbers on iPhone Devices

Now let’s figure out the method to block numbers in iPhone. It is quite simple, actually, and it does not even need any third-party app or any advanced settings. It is all there in the general setting. To make sure that you can easily block annoying numbers and prevent them from bothering you all the time, here is the step-by-step tutorial to block those numbers from your iPhone devices. Here it is:
  1. Go to "Settings". 
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  2. Scroll down until you find "Phone" option. Select it. 
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  3. There will be several options, including "Call Blocking & Identification". Tap that option. 
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  4. Option "Block Contact" will appear on the screen. Select that option and you will be brought to the contact list. Select the particular number that you want to block. When you are done, select "OK". 
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When the process of how to block numbers in iPhone is done, exit the Settings and go back to the main screen. To check whether or not the number that you want to block is already on the blocked list, open the “Call Blocking & Identification” option and see the list above “Block Contact”.

If the number is up there, it means that it has been added to the blocked list and it is impossible for them to contact you anymore. By knowing how to block numbers in iPhone like that, you will get better privacy and no annoying numbers will prank you or call your randomly anymore.

Now it is clear that annoying numbers can be blocked with ease. By doing that, they won’t be able to contact you anymore, unless they use another new number. That is why everyone should know exactly how to block numbers in iPhone. It will give them the shield to prevent annoying numbers from terrorizing them in daily basis.

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