Can I Unlock Reported Phone and Use It?

Many people ask about “Can I unlock reported phone?” If you are one of them, find your answer here and end your confusion right away.

The question of “Can I unlock reported phone?” is often in everyone’s mind. Today, buying illegal phone is nothing new. Many people cannot afford buying high-end, sophisticated phone in its legal, proper way. They sometimes find a way to get their hands on the phone by buying the illegal ones. Sadly, the phone turns to be unlocked and reported. How to solve this? Read more about it here.

Can I Unlock Reported Phone

Why Phones are reported?

There are several reasons why phones are being reported and then eventually unlocked or blocked by the official. The part of the phone being blocked is its IMEI numbers. Since they are pretty accurate and specific, the unlocking system is going to work quite well and prevent the phone from being used properly. Here are a couple of reasons why phone are reported.

1. It is Illegal

A lot of people are trying unlocking reported phone because they know that their phone is illegal. One of the biggest reasons why phone is being reported is because they enter a country illegally. They are basically smuggled and sold in black market. They are not entitled to taxes and things like and that is why they are deemed illegal.

2. It is Stolen

Usually people who try unlocking reported phone are those who find random phone in random places. Stolen phone can be reported immediately by the owner and it will be unlocked. This way, there is nothing that the founder or stealer or the phone can do to open or use the phone.

What Happens after Phone is Being Reported?

After the officials or the manufacturers of the phone are locking phone, there will be problems with the phone for sure, especially for the one using it. Several functions of the phone won’t work at all. It is including the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and SIM functions. Those wireless transmission functions are disabled. The only way you can get them back on is by unlocking reported phone.

Can I Unlock the Phone?

Now, let’s get to the answer of “Can I unlock reported phone?”. Generally, you cannot unlock the phone. Once the phone is unlocked by the officials, it won’t be able to perform as it normally should. Remember that the phone is being reported because it is probably illegal or stolen.

Thus, when you try unlocking reported phone, contact the officials or the manufacturer of the phone and ask their help to unlock it eventually. The only way you can do this is by providing them with the proof of ownership. Convince them that you are the rightful owner of the phone and they may help to open the lock for you and no longer list the phone under their “reported” list.

What Can I Do with Reported Phone?

You already know that the answer to the question “Can I unlock reported phone?” is a no. It means that there is nothing much you can do with a reported phone. Unlocking it will be quite a complicated matter. So, what can you do with a reported phone?

You can try using no-internet applications. They are the ones you can still use when the phone is under “Airplane Mode”. Alternatively, if you do not have time to try unlocking reported phone, you can just use the phone in another country using another country’s SIM card.

Considering that there are a lot of problems with reported phones, make sure that you just do not try buying them. Just save enough money to buy legal phone with the rightful IMEI so that they won’t get blocked. By buying the legal phone, you do not even need to get bothered by the question “Can I unlock reported phone?” in the first place.

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