Easy Ways to Check ESN MEID IMEI on Phone

How to check ESN MEID IMEI? Let’s figure out the method here. There will be a lot of explanations about it as your guideline.

Smart phone users need to know exactly how to check ESN MEID IMEI. What are those things? Well, basically they are serial numbers that are very important to your phone. If you have no idea what those are and what their functions are, keep reading and you will figure out every single detail you need to know about them. Here they are.


The Definitions

Let us start by understanding the definitions. It is surely better to know what they are before trying to check ESN MEID IMEI on the phone. These terms are actually a short for something. Learn each and every single one of them down here:
  • ESN. Before you check ESN MEID and IMEI, figure out first about ESN. Electronic Serial Number. The series have 32 numbers in it and the number is related to the phone's microchip programs.
  • MEID. It stands for Mobile Equipment Identifier. This is the longest series of the number as it has 56 numbers in it. It is usually found on CDMA devices.
  • IMEI. People check ESN MEID and IMEI because mostly they want to know the IMEI number. IMEI. International Mobile Equipment Identity. It has 15 numbers on it, containing every single detail about the phone, including the information from the manufacturer.
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Why Those Numbers are Necessary?

It is believed that check ESN MEID IMEI on the phone is important. Why so? Those numbers, especially the IMEI, can be used to identify so many details about the phone, including helping you out when you are losing the phone. The numbers can be used to track the manufacturer info, software version, warranty status, carrier code, and so many other details you won't easily find about the phone.
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Locating ESN/MEID

To check ESN MEID and IMEI is basically very easy. They are there on the phone, both inside the phone and on the actual physical form of the phone. Let’s begin with the ESN/MEID numbers. These are the methods to find those numbers on the phone:

Method #1: Barcode Sticker
  • Turn off the phone completely
  • Open the back case of the phone and remove the battery
  • There will be barcode sticker under the phone's battery case. The sticker contains the ESN and MEID numbers.
Method #2: Phone Box

If you do not like opening the battery up, you can actually check ESN MEID and IMEI, especially the ESN/MEID numbers without having to touch the phone at all. All you need to do is grab the phone box of the phone. There, there will be barcode (usually on the bottom or right side of the box) and there you will find the ESN / MEID numbers.

Locating IMEI

Among the three numbers, IMEI is the most important one. To check ESN MEID and IMEI, particularly IMEI, you can use three different methods. Each and every single one of those method is going to get explained down below. Here they are for you to read:

Method #1: Using Phone Dialer
  • Open the phone dialer
  • Type in *#06# and then press OK
  • The IMEI numbers will appear on the screen
Method #2: Using Phone's Settings
  • Go to "Settings"
  • Scroll down until you find the option "About Phone". Select the option.
  • There, select "Status" and the IMEI number will be shown there.
Method #3: Behind the Device
  • Turn off the phone and remove the battery
  • There will be sticker and barcode on the back of the phone where the battery is installed. The IMEI number is included on the sticker.
Now that you know everything about the numbers, you can start finding them out right now and make sure you figure out the numbers of your phone. When you are managed to check ESN MEID IMEI on your device, you can get detailed information about the phone you are using with ease.

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