How to Enable Developer Mode in Samsung and Get Its’ Advantages

To protect unwanted changes for new users, developer mode in Samsung has been made hidden away. How could you possibly turn it on to gain more customization options?

In case you are an avid Samsung user and haven’t been known, there are advanced and much useful features on your device, called developer mode in Samsung. There are various functions, such as profile GPU rendering tool, transition animation scale, RTL layout direction support, and so on. Those incredibly beneficial functions can be easily accessed. For instance, it only takes about 30 seconds to activate developer mode in Samsung Galaxy S10. Follow these steps below to unlock and obtain all the settings inside the mode.

Developer Mode in Samsung

How to Open Access to Developer Options on Your Samsung

It does not really take much time and energy to activate developer mode in Samsung. To enable the function and finally access all possible settings without being restricted, do the following instruction in the list below.
  1. Open the device’s main menu.
  2. Choose ‘Settings’. 
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  3. Find ‘About Device’ menu by scrolling the Settings down.
  4. Tap on the ‘Software Information’ to select it. 
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  5. You would find a number of options. Choose ‘Build Number’ menu. 
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  6. A ‘Developer mode has been turned on’ message would pop up. Now you have enabled the developer mode in Samsung Galaxy S10, or any Samsung device that you own. 
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About The Developer Options

It may not made known to the common Android users, but the option to open this mode has been hidden since the launch of Ice Cream Sandwich version, which is the 4.0 generation of the OS. By default, the menu is kept secret from the settings, and not entirely for bad reasons. It prevents the users to access potentially damaging menu and keep the device to be more secure.

However, still there are some reasons why users still want to activate the developer mode in Samsung Galaxy S10. It is the first option to go when smartphone owners want to do command-line work by plugging their devices to the computer. It is also really helpful feature for programmers to do extra debugging work. For common users, the mode allows them to understand more how the operating system on their phone actually works.

The Benefits of Activating the Mode

So what is exactly the awesome entry that you could possibly access by enabling developer mode in Samsung that the vendor insisted to keep it as an Easter egg? Here are few of the cool things made available by activating the option.

1. Process Stats

When you open Process Stat, there’s a possibility that you’d find similar menu just like the basic battery statistic. But this is actually the statistic of RAM usage of your device. It informs you about the RAM percentage that it uses currently and the details of each app that uses the memory.

2. Advanced Reboot

When you press power button on developer mode in Samsung Galaxy S10, instead of getting the usual options, you’ll get ‘Shutdown’ and ‘Reboot’. Tap on the ‘Reboot’ option to get into ‘Recovery’ and ‘Bootloader’ options without having to use ADB commands or various combination of buttons.

3. Mask Location

By unlocking developer mode in Samsung Galaxy S10, then installing location mocking app in Play Store, it is possible to not show your actual location. Download an app that is able to spoof location, choose fake GPS by ‘Select Mock Location’ menu and then change it to any place you’d like.

4. Hi-Fi Codecs

Starting from Android 9.0, which is the Oreo, the OS has supported Hi-Fi audio codec. It allows you to listen to audio files through other devices with higher audio quality using Bluetooth feature.

Developer mode in Samsung can be beneficial for any users, from programmer to the less tech-savvy ones. It’s true that it does come with risks, but if you used the options wisely, then no doubt it will improve your overall experience on the device.

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