Simple Steps to Disable Apple iCloud

There are several ways to disable Apple iCloud. However, is this necessary? Figure out everything about it down below.

For those who want to disable Apple iCloud, they can find everything they need to know here. Apple device’s users know exactly that every device from the manufacturer, whether it is iPhone, iPad, or many others are entitled to use iCloud. What is this iCloud actually and can you just sign out of it? Figure out everything right here.

Disable Apple iCloud

What is Apple iCloud?

Before trying the methods on how to disable Apple iCloud, let’s find out what this feature really is. Generally, iCloud is like a cloud storing system developed by Apple. It is used to store all data, such as images, videos, documents, contacts, and many more, of Apple device’s users. By using iCloud, everything in the device will be safely stored and kept. You can retain the data even when phone is lost.

Reasons to disable iCloud

From the explanation up there, iCloud seems to be very important. So, why people want to disable Apple iCloud in the first place? Most people find iCloud too much because it requires internet constantly to perform the backup. For those with no Wi-Fi and only rely on mobile data, it may not be a good idea. They will have to pay a lot of money for the constant and massive internet usage.

Risks of disabling iCloud

Of course, there will be risks when you try to disable Apple iCloud. Several functions of the phone won’t be able to perform well. Down below is the list of risks you will have to endure when the iCloud is disabled:

1. Find My iPhone Won't Work

When people are trying the methods on how to disable Apple iCloud, most of them do not realize that the action will turn off the Find My iPhone feature. It means that they won’t be able to locate or track the phone when it is lost or stolen.

2. Problems with FaceTime and iMessage

Some of Apple’s signature apps such as iMessage and FaceTime require iCloud account. By trying the way on how to disable Apple iCloud and signing out of iCloud, those apps won’t be available to be used.

Apple iCloud

Easy Way to disable iCloud of iOS 10.3 or Higher

If your device is quite new and using IOS 10.3 or higher as its OS, you can try these steps. It will help you to figure out how to disable Apple iCloud with ease.
  1. Go to "Settings"
  2. On the top corner of the screen, there will be your name displayed. Click on your name.
  3. Scroll down to find the option "Sign Out".
  4. Continue by entering your Apple ID. Then, select "Turn Off"
  5. On the right upper corner, there is the option "Sign Out". Click that option.
  6. On the confirmation popup, select "Sign Out" one more time. The process will be finished and you are signed out of iCloud.

Easy Way to disable iCloud of iOS 10.2 or Earlier

What if you are using older versions of iOS? Do not worry about it because down below there is the tutorial on how to disable Apple iCloud for devices using iOS 10.2 or even earlier.
  1. Select "Settings"
  2. Find the option "iCloud" and select it.
  3. On the bottom, there is option "Sign Out". Tap it.
  4. Select "Delete from My iPhone" option.
  5. Enter your Apple ID and tap "OK".
  6. Select "Turn Off" on the next screen. You are done with the process.
Those are some of the most important explanations about disabling the iCloud feature on Apple devices. So, if you use these iOS-based devices and you won’t get bothered by data backup and stuff, select to disable Apple iCloud by following the instruction above.

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