Find Lock Status in iPhone for New User

New users need to know how to find lock status in iPhone. It is especially important if you are purchasing a used phone from people you do not know.

Whether you just get a new iPhone or a hand-me-down in the mail, you should find lock status in iPhone. Many users still do not fully grasp this concept. Therefore, they do not check it when they first get their phone. If you are unlucky, you may not be able to utilize your smartphone at all.

Locked device will only respond to one carrier. Therefore, you will not be able to use other carriers with the device. Your option will be very limited if your device is locked. However, you will not be able to get this information without finding iPhone lock status beforehand.

Find Lock Status in iPhone

When this procedure is particularly important to do? You should totally do it just right after getting your new phone. It is especially crucial if you are getting a used phone (whether you purchase it or receiving it for free). In used device, you will not get full information about the device. Unlike in new one, you may not have the full package ready.

It is not rare to hear buyers get scammed by used phone seller. The phone s advertised to be an unlocked device. Unfortunately, when the clueless buyer is not aware about finding iPhone lock status and they try to fit a certain carrier in their phone, it does not work. Not to mention that the used phone might be obtained illegally as well.

You can check iCloud account to make sure about the status of your phone. Your account should not be blocked (it could be accessed). The status should also be CLEAN as well so that you know that your smartphone is unproblematic. In cases where the phone is obtained illegally, the status might read LOST / ERASED because the IMEI or MEID number is reported.

The next section will be explaining how to find lock status in iPhone. You should really pay attention to each step to conduct it successfully.

How to Obtain Lock Status in Your iPhone?

1. Find the phone’s IMEI

The first thing that you need to do in finding iPhone lock status is by looking for your smartphone’s IMEI. If you still have the package, you can still look for it there. There are other ways to do it such as accessing the Setting menu in your iPhone or opening your back case.

2. Access the IMEI website

Once you have successfully located your IMEI number, you can finally access the website. This website can be accessed freely by any user.

3. Fill in the IMEI

Type in the IMEI number on available bar then confirm the search by using captcha. The website will be processing your search. You can find lock status in iPhone with this search menu.
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4. Do the free checking

There are free check options. Since your smartphone is an iPhone, you should choose “Find My iPhone & Cloud Status Check”. This will help you finding iPhone lock status.
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5. Confirm about checking the status

Confirm your search by clicking on “Find My iPhone & Cloud Status Check” once again. You will be directed to a different page immediately.
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6. Reading the information

You can try deciphering the information contained on the page. If your iPhone is obtained in legal way, you should be able to see “CLEAN” beside the iCloud status. It is also a way in finding iPhone lock status. You can see whether your phone only allow one carrier.
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Hopefully the steps explained in this passage are clear enough for you. It is definitely not difficult to find lock status in iPhone. You only need to locate your IMEI, and the information you need would be available.

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