Easy and Simple Way to Hard Reset Android Phone Remotely

Performing hard reset Android phone remotely is needed when the phone is lost or stolen. Find out everything related to it down below.

The method on how to hard reset Android phone remotely is sought by a lot of Android users these days. Hard reset means removing all data on the phone and returns it to its original (factory) settings. The phone is going to be like a brand new one on the inside. This action is possible to be done remotely or without having to face the device itself. How? Figure out its answer here.

Hard Reset Android Phone Remotely

Why People Remotely Hard Reset Their Android Phone?

Let’s learn about why people decide to remotely hard reset their Android device. Hard reset is necessary when the owner of the phone wants to remove everything from the phone. It is done mostly to protect data and privacy. Here are a couple of reasons why people hard reset Android phone remotely.
  • The Phone is Lost or Stolen. The information about hard reset Android phone remotely tools and everything else is needed when the phone is stolen. The hard reset is going to prevent the data inside the phone to be used by other people.
  • Need to Hard Reset But No USB Cable Available. The hard reset Android phone remotely tools do not include USB cable. It is helpful for those who want to reset the phone but does not have any USB cable to connect it to the computer.

What to Understand about Remote Hard Reset on Android?

There are several things that you need to understand before eventually hard resetting the phone. Make sure that you know the action is quite full of risks. However, the most important thing to keep in mind is that all data stored will be deleted but it may not erase data on SD card. Now, let’s move to the next information, including the hard reset Android phone remotely tools.

What to Prepare Before Performing Hard Reset Remotely?

Prior to the actual process of hard reset Android phone remotely, you need to prepare several things. These tools are eventually needed to make sure that the hard resetting process is going to be smoothly done and successful.
  1. PC with internet connection
  2. Your Google Account and its password. This is one of the most important hard reset Android phone remotely tools.
  3. Internet connection on the phone

How to Remotely Hard Reset Android Phone?

After understanding the hard reset Android phone remotely tools and everything else, now it is time to learn how to actually do the remote hard reset. Follow these instructions carefully and the Android phone is going to lose all its data with ease.
  1. On the PC browser, type in android.com/find to go to the Google Find My Device website.
  2. Sign in by entering your Google Account and its password (the same one as used on the phone)
  3. There will be notification sent to your phone that is about to get hard reset
  4. On the screen, a map will be shown to you, displaying the location of the device
  5. On the left side of the screen, there are three different options:
    • Play Sound: This option is to ring the device for a whole 5 minutes even when the device is set to silent or vibrate.
    • Lock: This option will remotely lock the device with PIN or pattern. You can also use this option to add message on the lost/stolen phone.
    • Erase All Data: This is the option you need to select. It will essentially erase all data on the phone.
  6. After selecting "Erase All Data", wait for the process to complete and the phone is now set back to its factory settings. It is going to need Google Account and password to get activated.
Image Source: hardreset.info
Now, you have understood everything about the process. When the phone is stolen, make sure you have these procedures in mind and you can perform the hard reset Android phone remotely as soon as possible to salvage the lost data from being used by someone else.

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