Tips on How to Hard Reset iPhone Remotely

Hard reset iPhone remotely will be so helpful when the phone is not in your possession anymore and you do not your data to be leaked. Well, learn about it here.

Performing hard reset iPhone remotely is something quite common these days. Back then, resetting a phone was tricky and could only be done by professionals. Today, it is very easy to do and you do not even have to face the device to hard reset it. If you are using an iPhone, this is how you can do the hard reset to it remotely. Find out everything related to it down below.

Hard Reset iPhone Remotely

Why Performing Hard Reset Remotely?

There are several reasons why people want to hard reset iPhone remotely. Basically, it happens mostly when the device is nowhere to be found. Learn more about the reasons behind people’s decision to remotely hard reset their iPhone devices here:

1. Protect Data When iPhone is Stolen

The main reason why people want to hard reset iPhone device is because their iPhone got stolen. When the phone is lost, the one who find the lost phone can access your data easily and your privacy will be gone. This is why once the phone is lost, it is better to remotely hard reset it as soon as possible.

2. No Need to Connect iPhone to Computer

Even when the device is not lost, hard reset is something quite necessary, especially when the iPhone is troubled and error. It may help everything to get fixed when you just perform the hard reset iPhone. It will get the phone back to its original state and setting, which may help eliminate any problems and errors.

Risks of Performing Hard Reset Remotely

1. All Personal Data Will Be Lost

Please remember that every single data you store on the phone will be gone after the hard reset iPhone is performed. It is including captured pictures, contacts, messages, and everything else.

2. Customized Settings Will Be Deleted

Hard reset iPhone will cause the phone to get returned to its factory settings. It means all the customized settings on the phone, such as themes, ring tones, preferences, and more, are not going to be there anymore.

3. The Action Cannot Be Undone

Once you decide to remotely hard reset iPhone, the action cannot be undone. When the process is done, the phone is going to be on its original setting and there is no way to retrieve any data or customized settings of yours.

What You Need to Performing Remote iPhone Hard Reset?

You will need several mandatory things and tools to make sure that the hard reset iPhone remotely will be successfully done. They are including internet connection and a working PC. The complete list of what you are going to need for the remote hard reset is going to be displayed down below:
  1. Computer (PC) or laptop with internet connection
  2. Active and enabled iCloud account
  3. Turned-on "Find My iPhone" feature on the phone
  4. The phone needs to have iOS 5 or more recent OS
  5. Reliable mobile network on the phone

How to Perform Hard Reset Remotely on iPhone?

  1. Open a browser on a PC and enter the website of iCloud (
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Once you are on your account, click the option "Find My iPhone".
  4. There will be list of the Apple devices you use. Select the iPhone that you want to hard reset. Once selected, click "Erase iPhone".
  5. Wait for the process to complete. When it is done, the Apple device is going to have all data inside removed.
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Those are some of the most important things you need to know about hard resetting iPhone device without even have to use the device itself. This is why everyone should really know how to hard reset iPhone remotely.

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