iPhone Night Shield: Smart Feature for Smart Users

Apple introduces a smart feature called iPhone night shield. It is promised to be able to improve user’s quality of sleep and prevent quick deterioration of eyes.

Apple introduces a breakthrough feature that is called iPhone night shield for their devices. This feature is helpful especially for someone who often brings their smartphone to the bed and using it before they go to sleep. Although this routine is highly not recommended, many people still do it. Bringing your phone to bed is going to bring more harm than good in the long run.

When running, every smartphone device produces something called blue light. Blue light can actually be found anywhere in our environment. However, as the use of smartphone is increasing, it becomes the main source of blue light exposure for current generation.

iPhone Night Shield

Why should you enable iPhone’s night shield especially during the night? Blue light is known to cause strain in the eyes. After years of using a smartphone, you will likely to develop some health problems in your eyes if you do not take a counter measure to prevent that.

In addition to that, using your smartphone before bed without activating iPhone night shield is going to disrupt your sleep. People reported that they have trouble to fall asleep after using their phone. It is not only happening to small portion of smartphone users but plenty of them. The quality of sleep for these smartphone users is also reported to be low.

If you enable iPhone’s night shield on your smartphone, the intensity of blue light that is coming out of it would be reduced drastically. It is also adjusting the temperature of your smartphone’s display to something that is more subtle and suitable to your brain’s wavelength during sleep period.

Do you want to prevent deterioration of your eye functions? Do you want to sleep better during the night so you will not get exhausted in the next day? If you want to do so, you must learn method to enable iPhone’s night shield. The next section will be explaining the steps elaborately.

Enabling Night Shield Mode on Your iPhone

1. Access the “Setting” menu

Open your iPhone then head toward “Setting” menu. You will be presented with various menu options to setup in this function of your phone.
Image Source: hardreset.info
2. Choose display menu

Scroll through the options available until you stumble upon a menu named “Display & Brightness”. Tap on the menu in order to activate the iPhone night shield in your smartphone.
Image Source: hardreset.info
3. Choose the night shield menu

This feature has several names, such as Night Shift and Night Mode. Some users also know it as Eye Protection. You need to find one of these names listed in the options of “Display & Brightness”. Tap on the menu to access the setup so you can enable iPhone’s night shield.
Image Source: hardreset.info
4. Adjust the options available according to your need

You can schedule when the feature would be activated by activating the “Schedule” toggle menu. Once you activate it, you can select the hours when this feature will be active. User chooses when the activation starts and ends. You can also adjust the color temperature here to warm and less warm.
Image Source: hardreset.info
Image Source: hardreset.info
5. Manual setup

If you do not necessarily have fix sleeping schedule, you can manually enable iPhone’s night shield whenever you are going to sleep. In order to do it, you can activate the toggle beside “Manually Enabled Until Tomorrow”. Once it is activated, your phone will be in this mode until the next day. Before you are going to sleep, you can definitely activate it.
Image Source: hardreset.info
Activating iPhone night shield is very important for its users. This feature improves your health significantly, particularly for your eyes. No more sleepless nights that you cannot attribute to anything. Keeping your body healthy is as important as being active with your gadget.

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