Taking iPhone Screenshot on iPhone 6, 7, 8 and X

For those who are looking for the method on how to take iPhone screenshot, find the answers here. You can also get several tips related to it.

Taking iPhone screenshot is something that everyone should know, especially by those who are using the Apple smart phone, rather than the Android ones. Screenshot or screen capture has become very common these days. They are useful to save chats and conversations, as well as keeping pictures that are not allowed to save. Learn more about taking screenshot on iPhone here.

iPhone Screenshot

General Tips in Taking Screenshot on iPhone

Before getting into the tips on how to take iPhone screenshot on several different series of the device, let’s learn about the general tips of the screenshot taking. These are two of the most essential tips you can find. It will help you take and edit the screenshot with ease. Here they are:

1. How to Take Screenshot without Pressing Buttons

Taking screenshot on Apple iPhone can be done without pressing any physical buttons. The general method to take screenshot is by pressing together the Home button and Lock button. However, if you do not like pressing any buttons, screenshot can be captured by activating the Assistive Touch feature on the Apple device.

After being activated, you can simply take screenshot by double-tapping the screen. To activate the feature, follow this path: Settings > General > Accessibility > Assistive Touch. Then, swipe the icon from grey (off) to green (on). After the method is done, taking screenshot on Apple iPhone can be done without pressing any buttons.

2. Editing Screenshot with Markup Feature

The result of screenshot on Apple iPhone you have just captured can immediately get edited by using the markup feature. The markup feature is accessible by pressing the plus (+) icon on the screen and then several options to edit the image will appear. It is including the option to crop the image, adding text, and add arrows as well.

Taking Screenshot on iPhone 6

iPhone 6 is one of the most beloved versions of the device. It is completed by a lot of amazing features. The design of the phone itself is also very simple yet sophisticated. That is why a lot of people still use iPhone 6 to this day, even though other more advanced versions (such as iPhone 7, 8, and even X) have been released to public.
Image Source: hardreset.info
To take screenshot on iPhone 6, you are going to need to press physical button. The iPhone screenshot can be taken by pressing together the Home button and the Lock button at the same time. Press them for several seconds until the screen flashes and the screenshot result appears on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Taking Screenshot on iPhone 7 and 8

If you are using iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, the method to take screenshot on Apple iPhone of those versions is still the same as the one on iPhone 6. It means that you will have to press the physical buttons of Home and Lock at the same time to catch the screenshot.

Taking Screenshot on iPhone X

Taking screenshot on Apple iPhone X is quite different from the other versions. This new version of iPhone does not use Home button. As the result, to catch the screenshot, the combination of buttons that you will have to press is the Volume Up button and the Lock button. Press them for several seconds and then the screenshot will be captured and available to get edited and shared.

Those are some of the best tips and information about taking screenshot on Apple devices, particularly on iPhone. Make sure that you know exactly how to do it so that every time you need to catch something on the screen, you can grab the iPhone screenshot with ease.

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