Reported Smartphone: What It Exactly Is and What to Do About It

Opting to buy a second-hand phone could be a great option instead of purchasing a brand new one. However, what if you found out that it had been a blacklisted and reported smartphone?

Reported smartphone is a topic that discussed a lot about within the talk of second-hand devices. Buying a used phone is common occurrences, as alternative option if someone wants to get a new phone with lower price. But there are some risks that come with buying used device. One of them is getting a blacklisted and reported smartphone. But what’s the meaning of getting your phone blacklisted?

Reported Smartphone

What exactly is a Reported Phone?

In case a smartphone got stolen from the rightful owner due to theft or negligence, then the event can be reported to the police or the carrier. The owner can save their personal information and data inside the reported smartphone. It can also happen to the owner who paid their device in installments, and if they stopped paying halfway, then they’d get blacklisted and reported smartphone.

To be blacklisted, meaning that the device would not be able to connect to the network. The system could still run, but imagine your phone is constantly on airplane mode. Other functions may still work, such as the camera. It also still can connect to the Wi-Fi for internet connection. The technology of blacklisted and reported smartphone is made possible due to the creation of GSM, but it is still confusing for a lot of people.

How To Get Your Phone Reported?

If your phone is lost or stolen, then you have to report it immediately. Reach your local police or the network provider to avoid misused personal information of yours. To make the chance of getting your phone back increased, you can also opt to report it to IMEI. For you who are not familiar with IMEI, it is the abbreviation of International Mobile Equipment Identity, which is a series of digit that’s unique to your device. To make a report, you might need to submit the IMEI number and some document to confirm your purchase in prior.

Here are the steps to get your blacklisted and reported smartphone that only take short times and easy process:
  1. Open the homepage of IMEI database
  2. Type in the IMEI number that your smartphone has
  3. Click on the ‘Report Stolen’ button
  4. Fill out the online report document that show up on your screen
  5. Submit the document

What If You Buy A Reported Device?

By default, a phone should not be blacklisted when you first buy it. Blacklisted and reported smartphone only happened if the carrier decided to put it due to fairly negative occurrence related to the device, whether it is a payment issue from the original owner, or if it was involved in theft or fraudulent activity. It is certainly cannot be used anymore and cannot be unlocked in most country due to the regulation.

The general agreement regarding a reported smartphone is that it’s becoming useless because the IMEI number as identifier is unchangeable and attached to the phone permanently. However, there are some attempts that might be worth to do to save the phone as written below.

1. Using service from third-party

The only possible way to unlock or lift the blacklist is by using service from the third-part company. Despite that, there is a limit on what the company can do. For instance, they might be able to make your phone operate normally outside your origin country, but the connection is still banned inside the country.

2. Contact the carrier

By calling your carrier, you might need to provide your ID card, address or social security number to prove that you are the original owner. However, just like the third-party option, there is only so much that the carried can do.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many options available to recover reported smartphone, so make sure that you purchase your phone carefully by going through multiple verification steps to not end up with this situation.

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