Guide on How to Get Samsung Bypass Google Verification

Accidently forget about your Google account and get stuck on the activation? This Samsung bypass Google verification guide might help you to tackle the issue.

To activate your galaxy series phone, you will need Samsung bypass Google verification. Google account is the most common tool used for the activation. It is implemented to ensure secure protection in case an event of lost or theft happened. But the chance of forgetting your own account details and causing you to be failed to activate the device might occur.

Here where the Factory Reset Protection, as Google security feature comes handy. No matter what the reason you cannot log into the account, you would be able to bypass Google FRP lock for Samsung on your S7, S8, S9, or other Samsung devices. But keep in mind that there is a downside of this method, that is the removal of all the data inside the phone, so do it at your own risk.

Samsung Bypass Google Verification

What Is FRP and How Does It Work

Factory Reset Protection is a method that designed as a security guard for your phone and all the data inside. Samsung bypass Google verification is an effective security system, but it is actually simple concept to grasp. When you set your device and activate it, you’d be required to provide your Google account as verification to prove yourself as the owner. It prevents anyone but you to enter the phone and would run a factory reset to wipe the information in case any negative events happen, such as the theft or lost that mentioned above.

How to Bypass the Verification and Avoid Automatic Factory Reset

To prevent your data to be wiped clean, learn how to bypass Google FRP lock for Samsung by following guide with steps below.
  1. To get through Samsung bypass Google verification, first open the site on your browser. Enter the IMEI number of your Samsung device and click on the ‘Check’ button. 
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  2. Submit the data about features and specification about your device 
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  3. Choose the ‘Bypass Google Account Verification’ option 
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  4. To order bypass Google FRP lock for Samsung, click on the ‘Make an Order’ button to finalize. You will be required to pay about US $39.99
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  5. Finish the step to remove the FRP. Now connect your phone with desktop via USB to install obligatory application
  6. You would get an username and password to log into Octopus Suite app after finished the payment, which could be used to bypass Google FRP lock for Samsung one exactly one device for once.
  7. Wait until you are able to sign in. It could take anywhere from couple of hours to 24 hours.
  8. Start the bypass process after you receive the detail to log in.
  9. Download and install Octopus Suite app on your desktop. Then install the driver for Samsung from the internet.
  10. Open the application.
  11. Click on the menu ‘Support and Options’ 
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  12. Enter to your account by typing in your username and password in the respective space.
  13. Check the balance of your account by choosing on the ‘Check Balance’ menu. To get through the process, you should have 220 points of credits.
  14. Select ‘Samsung’ menu. 
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  15. Choose what model of Samsung device that you own from the available list. If your device’s is not available, opt for a similar one.
  16. Select ‘Reset FRP or Unlock’ menu.
  17. Click on the ‘Reset FRP or Reactivation’ menu.
  18. Wait for a moment until it is confirmed and you get message about the successful process.
  19. Disconnect your smartphone from the desktop. Activate the device and tap ‘Next’ to bypass Google FRP lock for Samsung in the ‘Welcome Creator’ section.
This Samsung bypass Google verification guide would work in every Samsung devices effectively, so the payment is worth it compared to the service in order to maintain your data upon the activation.

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