Samsung Model Numbers: Locating the Number and Using It

More than few users are still confused about Samsung model numbers and other identification numbers in the phone. This passage aims to address that confusion.

Users are still confused when asked about Samsung model numbers. It is because every device is equipped with varied identification numbers. In addition to model identification number, you will have something that is called IMEI (also called MEID) which is a standard for production and serial number which is made for each individual device.

So, what about Samsung model numbers? What do the numbers identify? As you know, Samsung is a massive tech company that produces many smartphones every year which are distributed worldwide. They release various phone models. Each model has distinguishable features and characteristics that make it different from other models released by the company.

Samsung Model Numbers

Samsung model numbers contain information about the full specification of your phone. It may identify the color of your phone, when your smartphone was produced, mobile carrier on that specific phone, and other characteristics. Two users can purchase similar Samsung series but finding out that their phones has different model numbers. Perhaps, it is because they are purchased in different countries or have different colors.

Is it important to know about Samsung model numbers? In some cases, you might be asked to enter this information. Probably your phone is experiencing a glitch and you need to bring it to a technician. In order to find out the full specs of your phone, the technician needs to know your model number. That way, the appropriate reparation can be done to your phone.

How to locate this number in your phone? What kind of information that you will get from the number? The following sections will help improving your understanding about this particular matter.

Locating the Model Number of Your Phone

When purchasing a Samsung smartphone, you will be receiving a box that contains your phone and the other supporting gears such as headset and charger. Some users still keep the box while others may lose it within the first few months after purchase. But do you know that the box contains information about Samsung model numbers? You will see it printed on the box if you check.

It does not mean that you will be unable to check the model identification number of your phone at all, though. You still have a way to check Samsung model numbers through the phones. The steps of doing it are also relatively easy to follow. Let’s see.
  • Go to Setting menu of your phone.
  • Scroll through the menu options of your phone until you find “About Phone” which is often placed at the bottom. Tap on the menu.
  • Scroll through the list until you find your model identification number.
There is another way to check about Samsung model numbers without going to the Setting menu. Here is how you can do it.
  • Go to your dialer.
  • Type in code “*#06#” to the dialer then make a call.
  • You will receive information not only about your model identification number. You will also see your IMEI or MEID and serial number.
Sometimes your phone cannot be turned on due to the glitch. You can detect the model number by removing its back case because it is usually printed there.

Reading the Model Number of Your Phone

It is important to learn more about Samsung model numbers. You will be able to gain plenty of information about your own phone. As an example, phone that was released during 2009 to 2013 will have GT code at the beginning. Meanwhile, the newer version has SM code. Thus you can see when your phone was produced. You can also see the operating system used by your phone.

The information of Samsung model numbers discussed in this passage should be enough to answer your curiosity about this matter. You can easily locate the number on your own to know more about your phone, particularly when it experiences issues.

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