Easy Ways to Take Screenshot on Samsung Smart Phone

Every Samsung device user needs to know how to take screenshot on Samsung. Learn several methods to do that down below.

Taking screenshot on Samsung smart phone or tablets is something that has to be able to be done by everyone these days. There are so many useful things that screenshot or screen capture image can give to you. Learn more about Samsung screenshot and how to take the captured images on the Samsung devices with ease. Here is the more information for you.

Screenshot on Samsung

Why Screenshots are Important?

Taking screenshot on Samsung devices is quite essential because it will ease your way to document everything displayed on the screen at that moment. For the further explanation, read the information down below and you will understand how important screenshots are for sure.
  1. Capture Chat Conversations. Screenshot on Samsung devices can be used to capture conversations, status, stories, or tweets from social media. They can all be documented with ease using the screen capture.
  2. Saving Non-downloadable Images. If you like an image you have found on the internet but unfortunately you cannot download it to your phone, capturing its screenshot is probably the best way to get access to the image anyway.

Three Common Methods to Take Screenshot on Samsung Devices

There are several methods that can be used to take screenshot on Samsung mobile phone or tablet. Down below is the explanation of the three most popular methods. These methods are very easy to do and basically will help you take screenshot on the Samsung device effortlessly.

Method #1: Using Key Combinations

The most common method of taking screenshot on Samsung devices is by pressing key buttons. There is a certain key combination to press together in order to get the screenshot done. Here’s how you can do it:
  1. Open the page or screen that you want to capture
  2. Press together the power button and the volume down button at the same time. Wait until there is a flash on the screen. 
    Image Source: hardreset.info
  3. The screen is captured now. Open the image in the gallery.
Method #2: Using Hand Swipe

The next method to take screenshot on Samsung phones is to use your hand. Instead of pressing the key buttons on the phone or tablet, this method will allow you to just using your hand to swipe the screen and immediately taking screenshot. As long as the hand gesture setting on the phone is allowing this method to be performed, you can have the easiest way to capture the screen. Here’s to do it:
  1. Set the display of the phone to the one that you want to capture
  2. Press your hand on the screen of the phone and then swipe it from the left side of the screen to the right side. The screen will be flashed a little bit and the notification of screen capture is going to appear.
  3. Open the captured screenshot on Samsung devices image in the gallery.
Method #3: Using Third Party Apps

There are many third party apps to download for Android devices and they allow you to take screenshot on Samsung devices with ease, just in case the first and second methods above do not work. Some of the apps to do this purpose are including Screen Master and Screenit. The step-by-step guide is down below.
  1. Open Google PlayStore on the Samsung phone. Download the desired screen capture app. Install it properly.
  2. Open the app and use it according to its instruction.
  3. The screenshot image result usually can be seen in the gallery.
Considering that taking screenshot is common these days, you may want to know every single method possible to capture the screen on your Samsung smart phone and other devices. By understanding all the methods of taking screenshot on Samsung, you can try them one by one, just in case the first one does not work.

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