Smartphone with Good Battery: Types and How to Find a Good One

It is not easy to find a smartphone with good battery because sometimes, the specs do not reflect the real life usage. How can you find a good one?

Buying smartphone with good battery is very important especially for people who are always on the go. They may not have plenty of chance to sit down and wait for their phone to be fully charge. Smartphone with good durability is a great option since it does not require you to charge it very often. You can get on your life pretty comfortably that way.

Finding smartphone with good battery is not only about reading the specs which are available in the manufacturer’s website or other tech websites out there. It is important to understand how the phone’s battery is going to act up upon real life usage. Some phones will have high battery specs but in real usage it turns out that there are defects.

Smartphone with Good Battery

Thus, as a smart buyer, you must conduct a thorough research. You can visit some review websites and look for comments from verified users about certain phones that caught your attention. If you think that the reviews are doubtful, you can definitely consult to your friends about it.

Before delving too deep about this matter, though, you may need to educate yourself about smartphone’s battery. There are tips about finding smartphone with good battery in this passage too. Let’s learn more about this topic.

Types of Battery Used in Smartphone

In the specifications of a phone, you will be able to see the type of battery equipped in the phone. Every battery has distinctive characteristics, including its durability.

1. Nickel Metal Hydride Battery

This battery comes in quite big size and it does not keep enough power to allow you to use your phone without having to recharge it often. The production is also considered to be quite harmful for the environment. Thus, smartphone with this battery is not considered smartphone with good battery.

2. Nickel Cadmium Battery

Cadmium nickel battery is also big and has low capacity. Therefore, if applied to modern phones, you will see the power being drained really quickly. Like the previous type, it is also not too environmentally friendly. You can find this battery in older smartphones.

3. Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery

This battery is the latest invention in smartphone battery. Smartphone with this battery is dubbed as smartphone with good battery since it is durable, small, and able to keep big amount of power. Newer smartphone models are equipped with the battery.

4. Lithium-Ion Battery

Li-ion is perhaps the most used battery in current era. Depending on its capacity, it will be able to accommodate users for long hours. In comparison to its size and weight, this battery is definitely efficient. Nonetheless, if compared to the polymer version, it is still lacking.
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Quest for Smartphone with Excellent Battery

In the past, finding smartphone with good battery is really difficult. Oftentimes, a phone would be equipped with state of art features. Unfortunately, those features were not matched with strong battery and user ended up having to recharge their phone every so often. This is inconvenient, not to mention it will weaken your batter quickly.

Is finding smartphone with good battery equal with buying an expensive phone? Well, it is not necessarily the case. Sometimes, you will be able to get economical smartphone that is equipped with powerful battery. Some of these affordable phones can even last up to 2 days without charging.

However, one thing that you need to know is that finding smartphone with good battery is not enough. Powerful battery will get weakened quickly if you do not adhere to the best practice of smartphone usage. In addition to that, some powerful battery might not able to handle features equipped in your phone. Thus, reading reviews from current users is important.

This article should educate you about battery in smartphone. You can start embarking on the quest for getting a smartphone with good battery right after this.

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