What Is Telephone Insurance and How to Get It

Do smartphone users actually need telephone insurance? Learn about what it is, what it covers, and what to consider before you plan to get one.

Getting telephone insurance is something common to do for the smartphone users nowadays. But, what is the actually telephone insurance cover? Is it really worth to sign your device up for it? Here, you will get brief but comprehensive details about the coverage and all its benefits.

In these modern days, an electronic gadget is considered important to own in order to function comfortably on your daily life. With the fast-paced advance on technology, so does it apply to the model and feature on smartphone, which directly affect its price.

Telephone Insurance

The higher price your pay for your device, the bigger consequence you’d face if anything happened to it such as damaged, stolen, or lost. The repairing sometimes can cost ridiculously high, that it is even cheaper to just buy a new one. To avoid these kinds of unfortunate event, you can count on telephone insurance to help you. A lot of services of telephone insurance cover phone replacement or repair cost.

Coverage Items You’d Get from Using the Insurance

The services that offered by telephone insurance company can differ a bit between one another. It could also depend on your phone models or where you purchased it. However, the basic service of what the telephone insurance cover you’d get is pretty similar anywhere. Once you have decided to go with the insurance, you will need to sign a contract contained all of the terms and agreements. Read it thoroughly and check twice if necessary to find the best deals and avoid issues in the future.

Things that telephone insurance cover including:
  • Replacement if your phone got lost
  • Replacement or compensation if it’s got stolen
  • Compensation fund if it’s broken
Some companies provided telephone insurance to also cover for:
  • Unintentional damage physically or on the system
  • The device’s accessories
  • Protection even on overseas
  • Important contents and other files such as apps, music, or games

How to Claim the Insurance

In case your device is stolen or lost somewhere, the first thing you need to do is make a report on local police. To prevent it being misused, stop all the service by reaching your network provider. After that, you are able to contact the insurance company in order to get telephone insurance cover your loss and make a claim.

Here’s the list of steps you need to follow:
  1. Contact the insurance company that you use the services for. State that you need to make claim regarding the unfortunate condition that you currently faced.
  2. Explain the circumstance that you’re currently going under in detail.
  3. You may be asked to visit the company to complete the claim, but some companies accept the claim over the phone call.
  4. Fill paperwork that needed to be occupied. If the company needs any additional supporting documents, send it to them.

Things You Need to Remember

Some smartphone brands will provide the insurance upon the purchase, which can be bought during a week after the buying process. It is a great option to consider if you bought high-end phone model. However, you have to keep a note that mobile insurance is less helpful if the loss is due to your personal negligence. Unclear reason over the insurance claim has potential to be rejected then the safest option is to file compliant under theft or stolen reason.

Coverage of telephone insurance can be ensured well if the event is reported as soon as possible. Once the agreement of the claim is reached between you and the company, it is possible to get the replacement of your cherished device with same brand, model, and even color.

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