Track Android Phone in Easy Ways

This passage explains the methods to track Android phone for those who lost theirs. You will be baffled at how often people are losing their smartphones.

Do you think it is important to know how to track Android phone? Most users will say yes to this notion. A smartphone today is basically one of the most valuable items in one person’s life. It is not necessarily because the device itself is expensive. The data that is contained in your device makes it really important since it is related to various aspects in your life.

There are many instances when you need to track Android phone. You may lose it somewhere. It is not a rare occurrence that people left their smartphones in public places such as metro, library, or even supermarket. In some unfortunate cases, the phone is actually stolen by someone. It will make your life really difficult especially if it happens when you are visiting foreign places.

Track Android Phone

Is there an easy way track Android phone? Luckily, the developer provides several methods to enable you in locating your device quickly. You can use a feature in Google or external application. The choice may differ depending on your situation.

There are some criteria that you need to fulfill before trying on these methods, though. First, the smartphone must be in an on condition. If it is switched off, you will be unable to track it. Second, the connection to network must be activated.

Using “Find My Device” Feature

“Find My Device” is perhaps one of the most useful built in feature provided in an Android device. It does not only allow you an easy way track Android phone. This tool is capable of locking your device (which prevents people from accessing it) and enabling you to wipe your important data. You can also write down note for people who find your smartphone.

In order to make this feature runs effectively, you need to find another device (smartphone or computer) right after you realize that your phone is missing. You should log in to the other device using your registered Google Account.

Here is how you can utilize this feature.
  1. Head to the “Settings” menu.
  2. Scroll through until you find “Security & privacy” in the list. Tap on it. 
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  3. Check if “Find My Device” is activated. If it is, there should be a written “On” under the name. 
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  4. If it is not activated, you can tap on the feature then activate it by moving the toggle to right side. That is an easy way track Android phone. 
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Installing External Application

The “Find My Device” feature is definitely effective for this task. However, you cannot deny how helpful external application is to track Android phone. Here are two applications that you will find very useful too.

1. Anti-Theft

This app is a great option since it has similar functions like “Find My Device”. User will be able to lock their device and initiate alarm sounds in the lost phone. You can also take screenshots on your device remotely with it. Another nice thing about it is the fact that this app allows protection for up to three different devices.
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2. Family Locator

This is a unique app that provides an easy way track Android phone. You utilize it as a group with your family members and friends. It means that your group members will be able to track you wherever you are as long as your phone is connected to the internet. It is for safety reason. The app also helps the case of lost phone.
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The easy way track Android phone mentioned will not work if you are not aware about losing your phone. You must check whether you have your phone with you occasionally. If not, it is possible that your smartphone runs out of battery then turned off or the finder turned it off.

This explanation should help you understanding how to track Android phone. It is not complicated at all. You just need to act fast!

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