What Is ESN and Why You Must Get a Clean One

Wondering what is ESN when you noticed about which is clean and bad? Well, here are the answers to your questions about the code.

What is ESN and why is it important? ESN is a series of unique code used as identification. It is started to get introduced in early 80s by FCC as a microchip on the phone that planted by specific manufacturer. Each time your phone received or made a phone call, then the ESN would be transmitted to station automatically, then the carrier would check validity of the call, in order to prevent fraud. It could also be used to track registration and count attendance time. This series of numbers is attached to the CDMA devices.

The equivalent of it on the GSM version would be IMEI which you might be more familiar with, so it is common for the first time CDMA based phone users to not know ‘what is ESN’. But then, why does the number important for the customer? Just like the IMEI, it is used to track and ban the phone if necessary from the network connection. You need to get phone with clean ESN digit to prevent the problem.

What Is ESN

ESN Code Format

Clean ESN digit is containing 11-digit decimal based numbers or 8-digit hexadecimal numbers. The decimal based codes are started with 128, but the total 14 digits are not written as separated, as well as the hexadecimal based format.

How to Find the Phone’s ESN

Now that you already know ‘what is ESN’, it is time to found out the one that your phone own. The placement can differ depending on the device models, but typically it is place on one location between three options below:

1. On the bottom part of the battery

When removing the case and exposing the battery, you can see that there are series of number on the labels that attached on it.

2. On the package box of the phone

There is a possibility that the manufacturer put the code on the sticker near the barcode on the box that you got when purchasing it.

3. On the system information

Sometimes you are able to search the ESN number just within the system. Open the ‘Settings’ menu, choose ‘About Phone’ information, and select ‘Status’.

How to Know That Your ESN is Clean

Similar to IMEI number, Clean ESN digit means that the phone has never been reported due to certain issues such as stolen or lost. It is best to buy your gadget from reputable dealers, which will check the legitimacy of the ESN number before the purchasing deal took a place.

The number is able to be verified through the internet, in case you’re feeling suspicious. After locating the code below the battery, on the back of it, or inside the settings system, then you can check it online. Reach the seller as soon as possible if the number is confirmed to be bad. Most of the reputable ones provide customer protection policy.

However, what differs it from IMEI, even if you do not have clean ESN digit then it is not the end of your phone. For example, you only banned from your current carrier instead of all of them. It is also possible to get it cleaned by reaching the prior user before you.

In order to buy phone with clean ESN digit, you have to understand about the purchasing rules. It is really easy to prevent issues on the future by checking the number first and then refuse to buy it if it’s proven to be bad. A trusted seller will understand ‘what is ESN’ problem that you’re facing and would not object to have the phone returned back or being replaced. It is also help if you purchase it in person to check network connection ability.

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