What Mean Blacklisted IMEI: The Possible Causes and How to Prevent It

If you’ve ever buying second-hand phone, you might have heard or wondered about blacklisted IMEI. Well, this background information guide below might help you.

The discussion about what mean blacklisted IMEI has been circulating around Android user communities, especially the second-hand phone buyers. There are admittedly plenty of things to look and check for when someone decided to buy a used smartphone, such as the physical aspect, battery health, storage capacity, hardware damage, and so on. One of the most important things you need to know prior to purchase the device is to make sure that it is not a stolen phone, because there is a high chance it has blacklisted IMEI number.

It is important an important thing to check whether you buy an Android or iPhone device. For your information, iPhone has been protected by Apple to prevent new users to activate the phone using a tool called Activation Lock. Ask the seller to perform the status checking to avoid buying phone with blacklisted IMEI number.

What Mean Blacklisted IMEI

What Does A Blacklisted IMEI Actually Mean?

Now, in case you do not already know what mean blacklisted IMEI, it means a device with reported or ‘flagged’, with its IMEI number already listed on the database. There could be a number of possible reasons behind this, such as the phone was lost or stolen, the bill payment is still unpaid, insurance fraud issue, or the carrier simply didn’t have enough information about phone owner so they flagged it. The phone will no longer able or allowed to connect using SIM card as network connection from service providers if it has blacklisted IMEI number. That’s why it is really crucial to check the status before you made the purchase.

Why Does My Phone Get Blacklisted?

As it has been mentioned above, there are few things that may cause the blacklisted IMEI number. To identify the most probable reason why does it happen to your phone, here are list of four detailed possible reasons.

1. The Phone theft

Phone is one of the easiest things to get stolen or lost beside wallet. The small size and high price value make it an attractive theft target. A lot of people who ask what mean blacklisted IMEI are actually buying stolen phone from shady seller.

2. The Unpaid bills

Second most common reason is the unfinished payment. If the prior owner has a history of payment problem then it could get blacklisted.

3. The Inaccurate information

The carrier needs your credit card, address and other essential information. If there’s any change or update that and they haven’t been informed, they cannot send you troubleshoot, bills, and so on causing the blacklist.

How To Avoid Buying Blacklisted Phone?

The basic intention behind the blacklist system is good, but it sometimes backfires the legitimate buyer. To prevent complications from buying phone with blacklisted IMEI number, follow these advises below.

1. Do not buy the gadget in cash to avoid fraudulent activity.

To avoid being ripped off by the foul seller, opt for transaction with proof as the protection.

2. Always check the IMEI number before you purchase it.

Establish proof that the IMEI number is correct and trouble free

3. Choose a vendor with blacklist free guarantee.

The most overlooked part in choosing the right second-hand phone to buy is to choose vendor with no built-in system protection both for the buyer and seller.

4. Ask to get a copy of the buying contract.

Ask for a contract ownership so the seller cannot report you for lying about the IMEI number.

In fact, the information about what mean blacklisted IMEI sometimes can be conflicting. However, by using information above, you should get a basic grasp about the issue and the reason behind it.

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